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  • Fredericks, Suzanne; Lapum, Jennifer (2012)
    When an individual recovering at home from heart surgery has moderate or severe levels of anxiety or depression, these conditions can interfere with the individual’s self-management behaviour (steps the person needs to ...
  • Lapum, Jennifer; Church, Kathryn (2015)
    Recovering from heart surgery at home is an emotional experience for patients as they become very aware of their own body and mortality.
  • Lapum, Jennifer; Liu, Linda; Church, Kathryn; Matthews David, Alison (2014)
    Poetry and images can be powerful media to represent and report research findings. Researchers can use arts-based dissemination to remind health care practitioners about the needs and feelings of patients and encourage ...
  • Lapum, Jennifer (2012)
    Patients do not want to be treated as if they are just one of thousands of patients the health-care practitioner has encountered. In contrast, patients want to feel that practitioners are listening to them and caring for ...
  • Lapum, Jennifer; Liu, Linda; Romaniuk, Daria (2018)
    Students benefit from debriefing after a virtual gaming simulation. Faculty can consider both self debriefing and synchronous virtual debriefing as alternatives to traditional in-person debriefing.
  • Lapum, Jennifer; Fredericks, Suzanne; Beanlands, Heather; McCay, Elizabeth; Schwind, Jasna K.; Romaniuk, Daria (2012)
    It is important for healthcare providers to recognize that they embody both technology and person-centered practice in their work.
  • Lapum, Jennifer; Church, Kathryn (2011)
    The arts (e.g., poetry, imagery) can be used effectively as a way to disseminate research findings.
  • Fredericks, Suzanne; Lapum, Jennifer; Hui, Gladys (2015)
    Healthcare practitioners may not find patient-centered care useful for patients with chronic health conditions.
  • Lapum, Jennifer; Fredericks, Suzanne; Liu, Linda; Jones, Vaska; Hume, Sarah (2015)
    When nurses develop therapeutic relationships with their patients, they help patients share concerns about discharge, which in turn helps nurses better apply the discharge information to the patients’ needs.
  • Waddell, Janice; Martin, Jennifer; Schwind, Jasna; Lapum, Jennifer (2016)
    A faculty-based mentorship circle can provide new faculty members with support, a sense of belonging and a safe space to discuss concerns and learn strategies from both mentors and fellow mentees.
  • Lapum, Jennifer; Liu, Linda; Church, Kathryn; Hume, Sarah; Harding, Bailey; Siyuan, Wang; Megan, Nguyen (2016)
    The arts have aesthetic appeal and are immersive. These qualities make the arts a unique and powerful tool for Knowledge Translation (dissemination of research information in ways that facilitate the uptake of research ...
  • Lapum, Jennifer; Fredericks, Suzanne (2018)
    Resources for adults living with congenital heart disease are inadequate, which can pose a real risk of premature death among this population.
  • Lapum, Jennifer; Fredericks, Suzanne; Micevski, Vaska; Liu, Linda (2012)
    Music has great potential as an analytical tool in health research. Researchers can use music as an interpretive lens to understand patients’ experiences, and the structural factors that affect patients’ recovery and ...
  • Lapum, Jennifer; Church, Kathryn (2013)
    Patients recovering from heart surgery are often anxious and distressed during the home period of recovery. They have difficulty understanding whether their physical sensations are normal to the recovery process.
  • Lapum, Jennifer (2011)
    Heart surgery patients who have been discharged from hospital struggle to integrate the recovery-related information into their own homes and lives. Often, patients struggle with individualizing the general discharge ...
  • Lapum, Jennifer; Liu, Linda; Hume, Sarah; Wang, Siyuan; Nguyen, Megan; Harding, Bailey; Church, Kathryn (2015)
    Pictorial Narrative Mapping allows researchers to combine aesthetics and imagination in the process of qualitative analysis.
  • Carter, Celina; Lapum, Jennifer; Lavallee, Lynn; Schindel Martin, Lori (2016)
    The following factors helped to foster a positive First Nations identity for the First Nations men in this study: having mentors, knowing their family histories, and connecting with healthy Aboriginal communities.
  • Lapum, Jennifer; St-Amant, Oona (2017)
    Virtual gaming simulation (VGS) can be an engaging learning opportunity that provides students with scenarios and detailed settings that mimic real life. Nursing students who participated in this study gained both professional ...
  • Nguyen, Megan; Malone, Margaret; Bailey, Annette; Lapum, Jennifer (2018)
    Women living with irritable bowel syndrome shared that the disorder impacted their emotions, perceptions about their bodies, and interpersonal aspects in their intimate relationships.

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